Bubbles and bricks

Early in the summer I facilitated a lovely late-afternoon Lego Serious Play Session after work in the office of a colleague. We had a big clear table, with snacks in the middle, a few bottles of Prosecco and a pile of bricks.

The Question we asked was:

What would I like my business to look like by Christmas?

Between sips of bubbly and helpings of snacks the participants managed to built their journey in their business, their role in their business, the current picture of the business and eventually what they wanted for their business.

Between the laughter and the bricks and the story-telling their were profound moments shared, and even a few tears as one participant looked back on a particular difficult time in her business journey.

Having moved out of the boardroom has also allowed the participants to be open to shared joy, and feel safe to share their vulnerabilities.

At the end of the night all the participants received their little bag of Lego to take home, and through the months I have had repeated comments of “I was stuck so I built a bit of Lego and you know, it made me remember that night when we had Bricks and Bubbles and we planned my success”.

I am looking forward to seeing the participants at the end of the year, and review on their Bubbles and Bricks experience.

If you would like to have an hour at the beginning of your corporate festive lunch, or perhaps kick of a late-afternoon party with an hour of Bricks and Bubbles, please contact coach@coachmind.net

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