Find your WHEN

The ever alluding work-life balance is more challenging in some seasons of our life’s than others. To be happy in my career is not as much about finding “my WHY” but instead finding “my WHEN”.

In my searches for balance, it was about discovering a place where I was not being stretched too thin. It allows me to serve others in my career, to enjoy my family and participate in my community, and most importantly, to look after my Self.

Coming to this place of balance wasn’t easy, and nor do I think what works for me now will work for the rest of my career. I still hold space for committed, motivated and focused clients who want to build their own success story. I also make time to do Lego Serious Play facilitation workshops, as the time-consuming preparation and delivery always pay back in so much joy and personal growth that I can’t resist doing them.

This change in pace is not without sacrifice: of ambition, opportunity and potential revenue. However, recognising that this is my choice to achieve balance in this season makes it all worth it!

I have noticed friends who have done the same: a PhD holder and university lecturer gave up his day job to be able to do more horseriding which he loves and continues his lecturing at a less prestigious university in the evenings and on weekends. Another friend who held an important position in retail had her career plans overhauled when she gave birth do a little person with special needs. She now does a few nights a week working at the same company, but in a different department, during the hours her partner can be home with their child. Like my friends, I find it hard to choose between priorities and finding a compromise means sacrificing some of my beloved career ambition to fulfil other passions.

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