High Performance Coaching

Want to achieve your very best in your career, business or academic setting? You can learn scientifically sounds performance skills and work towards your goal in tailor-made coaching packages. This coaching is suitable for motivated clients ready to work on changing what they think and do today to support them in achieving their goals of tomorrow.

Young Adult Counselling

If you are between 16 - 25, this might be for you! It is not unusual to struggle with anxiety at this age as there are so many unknowns about your future. You may also feel low in mood or motivation, or something from your past is bothering you. Coaching psychology can help you set a goal for the future and work out how to get there succesfully.


Need an experienced and supportive supervisor? Someone who might offer support to you, insight into your clients and help you work effectively within your organization. I offer more than 20 years experience in the UK and South Africa as a Practitioner Counselling Psychologist (HCPC, BPS) and High-Performance Coach working across sectors from secondary schools to banking.

Curious about Coaching Psychology?

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