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- DanBusiness owner and client since 2016

“You can be good at what you do but it’s what goes on underneath that matters. Coaching gives me the opportunity to talk about things I can’t talk to anyone else about. It keeps me going.”

- JoyceProfessor, Podcaster, Disrupter and client since 2017

"I almost cancelled as I've got so much on and then I realised that's exactly why I need to see you!"

- TanyaChange Manager

"Elrika has been wonderful to work with throughout my 6 months of coaching. Personable and enthusiastic, every challenge I needed support with was met with empathy and advice that really resonated with my personal circumstances. Elrika's psychological expertise is what really sets her apart from other coaches, especially when working through emotional hurdles to professional progression."

- WillGraphic Designer

"Elrika spoke to me at an absolute low point, when chronic stress build-up had utterly clouded my ability to think straight or remember the joy in life. Her simple, reassuring suggestions slowly worked their way through the stress layer, providing a much-needed light at the end of a dark tunnel. I'm enormously grateful."