High Performance Coaching

Want to achieve your very best in your career, business or academic setting? You can learn scientifically sounds performance skills and work towards your goal in tailor-made coaching packages. This coaching is suitable for motivated clients ready to work on changing what they think and do today to support them in achieving their goals of tomorrow. Also available as group work or Lego Serious Play Faciliation.

Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology applies psychological theories and knowledge to coaching frameworks. We look at challenges are holding you back from reaching forward. Challenges can be anxiety or low mood, or a clinical diagnosis. But we also look at why you want to feel better and where you want to go, and together we create your success story.


Need an experienced and supportive supervisor? Someone who might offer support to you, insight into your clients and help you work effectively within your organization. I offer more than 20 years experience in the UK and South Africa as a Practitioner Counselling Psychologist (HCPC, BPS) and High-Performance Coach working across sectors from secondary schools to banking.

Curious about Coaching Psychology?

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- DanBusiness owner and client since 2016

“You can be good at what you do but it’s what goes on underneath that matters. Coaching gives me the opportunity to talk about things I can’t talk to anyone else about. It keeps me going.”

- WillDigital Graphic Designer

"Elrika spoke to me at an absolute low point, when chronic stress build-up had utterly clouded my ability to think straight or remember the joy in life. Her simple, reassuring suggestions slowly worked their way through the stress layer, providing a much-needed light at the end of a dark tunnel. I'm enormously grateful."