Supervision is a space for reflection, exploration and self-care.

  • Individual supervision for Counselling Psychologists and Coaches
  • Group Supervision for Coaches

Are you a Counselling Psychologist or a Coach seeking a supportive space for reflection, exploration, and self-care? In our supervision sessions, you are the leader of your professional journey. Whether you’re looking for individual supervision or group supervision for coaches, I am here to guide you.

Through our sessions, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your work, receive encouragement, and gain valuable resources to enhance your practice. Supervision is not just about meeting professional requirements; it is about fostering continuous professional development and personal growth.

Take the first step in your supervisory journey. Email to enquire about fees and availability, or click here to book an initial free conversation to see if I am the right Supervisor for you.

Let’s work together to empower and inspire your professional journey.