Coachmind offers a variety of services to its clients. From individual counselling psychology to group coaching, supervision, a free book club, pop-up Play Sessions, and bespoke corporate LegoSeriousPlay Facilitation, there is an option for anyone looking for Compassionate Coaching underpinned by Psychology and serious playfulness!

Individual Consultations:

Are you looking to open up and understand what is going on in your life?

Group Coaching:

Group Coaching is offered in 6-week programmes for groups of 3 – 5 participants. It is a safe and fun space to explore your goals together and build a supportive community.

Individual or Group Supervision

A space for reflection, exploration and self-care.

  • Individual supervision for Counselling Psychologists and Coaches
  • Group Supervision for Coaches


A free space where we explore and discuss a chosen self-help book, a chapter or two at a time, online.

Creative Power Hour

PlayStorms is like “break time” for adults, led by our LegoSeriousPlay Facilitator and Play Expert. There are occasional free online sessions, and the next session will be announced on social media.

Bespoke Consultations

Does your team or organisation need science-based, fun, mental health training or LegoSeriousPlay Facilitation? A powerful way to extract knowledge from a group and gain insight into a group’s identity or questions.