Can you prevent “Chinese Whispers” Syndrome with Lego?

The above cartoon is a clear demonstration of miss-communication.  Often in business it feels like we are playing the childhood game “Chinese Whispers” where a message is whispered into the ear of the person sat next to you, and often comes out completely wrong by the time it has reached the last person in the group.

How can you ensure in your business that everyone is on-board right from the start, without having constant meetings and taking up valuable time to inform everyone of alterations as the project goes on? How do you prevent the costly Chinese Whispers Syndrome? By having a thorough initial meeting with all the parties involved and have every member as an active part of the solution building.

LEGO®SeriousPlay® is one method of facilitating meetings in order to get 100% participation from 100% of the participants, and ensure that all the voices are heard. A LEGO®SeriousPlay® facilitator follows a set methodology that has been created and used globally with specific bricks to allow deep knowledge emerging fast and gives participants a real connection and ownership of their ideas. As it is a collaborative effort with equality build into the process you can ensure to get the genius ideas from your introverts as well as the extroverts in the team. LEGO®SeriousPlay® will set the question, allow everyone to build the sollution, and share knowledge.

Interested in having your next team or client meeting facilitated using LEGO®SeriousPlay®? Contact me for more information.


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