Happy New… February!

Happy New… February!

It is February the 1st. Christmas seems such a long way away – and New Year’s Eve and Those Resolutions is for most of us a bit of a vague memory. Or is it?

If you have done the following things, you might be one of the few who are feeling rather chuffed today, as you are still “on track” or “on the wagon”, or generally, have started seeing the longer-term results that persistent shorter term goals can bring:

Have you:
1. Written down your goals? Specifics are important!            2. Shared your goals with other people?
3. Are regularly measuring your progress against your goal?
4. Were your goals realistic?
5. Do you know when you will reach your goal?

This year I depart from one-off New Years Resolutions to Monthly Goals: and hoping to tackle the Bigger Goals with these smaller wins, a month at a time!

Are you ready to set your goal(s) for February?


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