Fall in love with Coaching again!

A 6-week Refresher course to help you Rekindle your coaching skills!

Do you dream of having a Thriving Coaching Business?

Is your business suffering because you lack coaching confidence? More business training is not always the solution: connecting with other coaches and reflecting on your coaching practice can help you build back your coaching confidence and fall in love with coaching again. Join the 6-week small group Coaching Refresher with Coaching Psychologist Elrika to connect with fellow coaches and reflect on the Coaching side of your business.

But right now, your reality might feel very different…

Training as a coach is a big investment, and you might feel guilty for not always loving it!

  • Coaching can feel lonely and isolating.
  • Without support, it can undermine your confidence.
  • Without regular reflection practice and opportunities to connect with colleagues, the enthusiasm you once had for coaching can fade, leaving you feeling disconnected and unsupported.

Fall in love with Coaching again!

You want a thriving coaching practice where you feel connected, supported, and confident. Your dream is to rekindle your love for coaching, finding joy and fulfilment in helping others while maintaining a balanced and satisfying personal life.

What if …

… you could make that initial coaching investment count by staying connected with the values you brought to clients?

… you could belong to a community of like-minded coaches who also care deeply for their clients and want to work to benefit their clients while still making money?

… you CAN have the thriving coaching business you dreamed of, bringing value to clients’ lives without sacrificing your own.

Welcome to Connect and Reflect!

A six-week online course for coaches to

renew your love and upskill your coaching practice.

Throughout this journey, you will:

  • Rekindle Your Coaching Passion: Rediscover the joy and fulfilment that brought you into coaching.
  • Experience the value of reflecting on your coaching clients: See how your clients benefit as you learn to be a better coach with every session.
  • Create a circle of Coaching Colleagues: You are not alone in your coaching struggles – enjoy giving and receiving support and encouragement.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Strengthen your confidence by aligning your practice with your core values and motivations.
  • Find more Work-Life Balance: Learn strategies for balancing your professional and personal life, preventing burnout, and promoting well-being.

What to expect:

Week 1: Starting with a snapshot of where you are.

Welcome to this exciting journey exploring your coaching practice. Get ready to fall in love with coaching again! This week, we will identify the current challenges for your practice. This will provide a snapshot of your professional life and your dream of where to be. The goal is to set a clear direction for the future. We will reflect on why you coach. How does this influence how you deal with coaching clients?

Week 2: Values – What are Your Values and How Do They Align with Your Goals?

It is crucial to understand your core values and how they align with your professional goals. This week, we’ll delve into your values to ensure they support your vision for the future. Consider whether your values align with your coaching methods. How can knowing your values be helpful for your clients?

Week 3: Procrastination and Motivation for Coaches

This is a fun week identifying your specific motivational style and thinking about how you can use that to tackle procrastination on the challenging tasks that are part of a coaching practice.

Week 4: What is helping and what is hindering with your coaching?

This week, the focus is on how to help yourself when you are the coach: what resources do you already have to help you, and what demands are stopping you from being the coach you want to be?

Week 5: Balance Your Life to Prevent Coach Burnout.

This week, we will audit your work-life balance to ensure you are on a path to achieving a balance between your practice and personal life. We will discuss strategies for dealing with your life’s unique demands and preventing coach burnout.

Week 6: Put it all together: Create your Bespoke Plan for staying in Love with Coaching.

A chance to put all your hard work in one place and build the plan for a long-term relationship with your coaching business. Thinking about where you came from and how you feel now, you will be able to celebrate your rekindled enthusiasm with your new colleagues and friends.

Let’s reconnect with your love of Coaching again!

You can choose your time: Mondays at 12 pm or 7 pm.
The group will run with a minimum of two and a maximum of five participants for up to 90 minutes per session.
The time will be split between focusing on a different topic each week, coaching case discussions for reflection, and light group supervision.

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A one-time payment of £330 for 6 x 90-minute sessions.
The payment is part of your Calendly booking and hosted with Stripe.
Are you a current (May – July 2024) Careering Into Motherhood Coach? Then contact me for a discount code.

Still not sure? Click here to book a 15-minute chat with Coaching Psychologist Elrika to see if this course suits you.

What’s Included:

  • Six small-group meetings of 90 minutes each with Coaching Psychologist Elrika Erasmus.
  • Each meeting consists of a focused topic discussion and an opportunity for coaching case discussion, reflection, and supervision led by Coaching Psychologist Elrika Erasmus.
  • Six emails containing tailored session re-cap notes with links and ideas of what was discussed in the group.
  • Discount code: 25% off a block booking of 6 individual full-price coaching sessions with Elrika Erasmus (to be used within 6 months after course completion).
  • Discount code: 25% off a block booking of 6 full-price supervision sessions with Elrika Erasmus (to be used within 6 months after course completion).

Who am I?

My name is Elrika Erasmus, and I am a Practitioner Counselling Psychologist (HCPC, BPS) and Coaching Psychologist. I am nearing the completion of my doctoral research on Playfulness in Coaching Psychology Supervision and will graduate in the summer of 2024.

Like many women, I balance running my coaching consultancy with a busy family life, which includes two teenagers and a travelling husband. I firmly believe in the Ubuntu philosophy: I am because We are. As people supporters, we need to support each other to effectively support our clients.

I have been seeing patients and clients since 2001, starting as a student in a children’s cancer ward in South Africa. Since then, I have achieved three first-class degrees, including a master’s in Psychology, and have worked in diverse settings and countries. This includes a decade at a private mental health hospital in London and eight years at Cambridge University.

I have coached a wide range of individuals, from C-suite investment bankers to church youth workers, and have enjoyed providing leadership training using Lego Serious Play.

Who is this course for?

  • You are a coach who sometimes wonders if you still love coaching.
  • You would love to have somewhere to reflect on challenges with your coaching work.
  • You may be in need of a community of like-minded professionals.
  • You want to help and support other coaches in their coaching journey.
  • You want your coaching business to be more than just a money-making venture; you want to provide coaching with value to your clients.

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Q: Can I bring client cases for discussions to the group?

A: Absolutely! All group members will be encouraged to bring at least one case for discussion per group session – but it is not mandatory!

Q: I am not coaching full-time. Is this programme still for me?

A: Yes, the benefits of connection, reflection, and learning are not determined by the size of your practice. Even coaches with only one client will benefit from thinking about how they are as coaches to their clients and in their business.

Q: Will this group lead to a qualification or a registration?

A: No – this group is for your own Continuous Professional Development and will not lead to registration or accreditation with professional bodies.

Q: I am neurodiverse, and I work with neurodiverse clients. Is this course still suitable for me?

A: Yes. The course facilitator, Elrika Erasmus, is a practitioner psychologist with many years of experience working with a varied client group in coaching and counselling capacities and will provide a safe space for our reflections and concerns. Elrika is also qualified to point out if a challenge is beyond the scope of coaching and will help you find the right resources for support.

Q: Can you really help me fall in love with coaching in six weeks?

A: As a coach, you will know I can’t make you do anything, but I can certainly provide a space for reflection and tools to help you get closer to your goals again.

Q: What happens if I can’t attend all 6 sessions? Will it be recorded?

A: The topic-discussion part of the sessions will be recorded with the permission of everyone attending. Once we are finished with the general discussion and move on to the coaching case discussion, the recording will be switched off to protect and respect the privacy of our coaching clients.

Q: I am still not sure – can I chat with someone to understand even more?

A: Yes, of course! Please click on this link to book an informal introductory chat with Coaching Psychologist Elrika.