What is the Lego Serious Play Facilitation?

The Lego Serious Play (LSP) Facilitation method is a practical solution to use in organisations with teams and with individuals. It facilitates thinking, communication and problem solving techniques.

LSP allows for people’s natural need to contribute and be part of the whole strategy building process, and help people buy into a solution as they has been part of developing it.

LSP also ensures that a team work optimally by not leaving any untapped knowledge behind. The method is of such a nature that there is a 100% participation 100% of the time. And as it is a time managed facilitation method, the work gets done in a set amount of time, without drawn out meetings where only 20% of people participate and the rest struggle to be involved.

The core process of the LSP facilitation method is in the 4 steps:

Step 1: Posing the Question

Step 2: Construct

Step 3: Sharing

Step 4: Reflect


Through the process the whole team participates, and the narrative gets recorded by the facilitator, and given as a feedback to the team. Through the hands-on experience the team internalises the solution and visual reminders such as pictures or models remind the team in the future of the work they have done.

Click here to watch a 4-minute Youtube video of LSP-facilitation.