Attitude, gratitude and September

September is here. I used to love the first of September, as it was the first day of spring when I was a child growing up in the southern hemisphere. We got to have a non-uniform day at school, and the promise of summer was in the air.

Now, living in the northern hemisphere, I so often hear that September is the new January. And even though it usually annoys me a little, this year I am embracing this fresh start. After months on end of slow turning seasons and days showing more similarity than not, the promise of a new beginning, a new start, lays tantalisingly ahead!

The promise of change also brings twinges of worry. Clients comment on how they keep up waking earlier or struggle to sleep, and I know I am not alone. How wonderful and worrying is it to have change ahead?

There are four months left of this year. Although it might have felt that this year has slipped away in a mix of lockdown and online meetings, we can choose to view the four months left with a sense of optimism. The spring and summer were strange and stretched out. If I learned anything, it is that best-laid plans can change in an instant, that there is strength in compassion and that gratitude and attitude make the world a better place.

So September is here, it’s the first day of autumn, and I am grateful for a new season! Four months to enjoy change as the seasons change again. Because if there is something I know for sure, it is that next year is coming too. Then it will be the real January.

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