Need more than a Cuppa?

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Four places to find support beyond your favourite brew. 

As working mothers, we often juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, seeking support wherever we can to navigate the challenges of our personal and professional lives. For me, that means reaching for a medium-roast black coffee! However, as a coaching psychologist, I also understand the importance of seeking guidance and assistance to continuously grow and be the best I can be for my clients. But where can we turn for support beyond a hot drink?
Here are four options to consider, each with its pros and cons:

1. A Friend 

Turning to a trusted friend for support can provide comfort and understanding. Whether over a cuppa or a phone call, sharing our experiences with someone who knows us well can be cathartic. A special friend can be more accessible and cost-effective than professional support, such as a coach. However, their advice may be subjective, and friends might only sometimes have the expertise to offer valuable insights into professional matters.

2. A Group of Friends 

Gathering with friends who share similar experiences can create a sense of camaraderie and belonging. I remember how much I loved meeting up with the women from prenatal Yoga after we all had our babies! Sharing stories and advice in a group setting can provide different perspectives and a feeling of solidarity. It’s lovely to have a support network built within the group, the diverse range of experiences shared, and a sense of community. However, group dynamics can sometimes lead to conflicting advice or a lack of individualised attention to specific issues.

3. Formal Support Group  

Joining an established support group, such as a coaching or supervision group or a workplace network, offers structured and professional guidance. These groups often provide a platform for sharing best practices, receiving feedback, and accessing resources. Pros include the specialised expertise offered, the opportunity for professional development, and the sense of accountability. However, participation may require time and resources, and the group’s dynamics may only sometimes align with individual needs.

4. Professional Individual Support 

Seeking professional individual support, such as coaching, counselling or supervision for those working as coaches, offers personalised guidance tailored to specific needs. Working one-on-one with a trained professional provides a safe space to explore challenges, set goals, and develop strategies for growth. It is uniquely valuable to receive the focused attention and expertise of a caring professional who also provides accountability. However, this level of support may come at a financial cost, which you could consider an investment in yourself.

Where Will You Go for Support? 

As working mothers, our choices of where to seek support are personal and depend on individual preferences, resources, and needs. My support network includes all of the above (and yes, some coffee!), and I am grateful to be able to access formal and informal support when life and work require it.

It is important to admit when support is needed and to seek it. Where will you go for support?

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