Can you learn resilience?


When I use the term “resilience” I like to refer to the ability people have of restoring shape and even become better after they received a knock from life. Like a little rubber squash ball that flattens out against the wall if it has been hit hard, it regains shape and bounces back, ready to continue play!

But what makes certain people more resilient than others? And is it something you can learn?

Resilient people, those that can reinvent themselves and re-set their objectives to suit the environment, often display the following characteristics.  They are open to new ideas, because they focus on being good listeners and have a willingness to try new ideas. They actively assume the best rather than the worst from other people. They find life’s challenges an opportunity rather than a risk, and even feel energised by facing a new crisis. They embrace change when it is positive. They observe what needs to be done, and proceed in doing so or leading the way to do it. They often prefer to deal with transparency and honesty, and so other people find it easier to collaborate with them.

You may think all of these skills sounds like a list of jargon mumbo jumbo, but is it possible that these are a list of skills you can learn? Just like a little squash ball needs to be warmed up to properly bounce on a cold court, you too might need to actively warm your “resilience skills” to become more flexible and triumphant in your game.

So ask yourself: Can you

  • learn to be a better listener?
  • expect the best of those around you?
  • see the opportunity in a challenge and find the things you can do about it
  • be open and communicative about what you do?

If so, you can learn to be more resilient, and you too regain shape and come out triumphant when life gives you a challenge!

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