What is coaching?

Coaching happens when you and I sit together, establish a goal for you (the client) through mutual agreement, and then we figure a way out how to support you to get to that goal. Your goal might be to become a better boss – we would look at what you think that is, how you would know if you are a better boss, what type of boss you are now, and what sort of bosses you have experienced that you would like to use as examples to follow or to avoid. We would typically spend around 6 sessions either in a live-call or in person to keep working towards this goal whilst unpicking your thoughts and beliefs. It is a fun, deep dive accelerating your growth into a direction you chose!

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Why coaching people in the workplace?

Coaching in the workplace has become a popular method to help the people get from surviving to thriving! A good boss might become an excellent boss by learning to hone his listening skills, perhaps change his viewpoint on a view key points and becoming kinder to himself. The ripple effect of having a “better” boss in turn creates happier employees who will more easily go the extra mile in a company, satisfying customers, which in turn can increase word of mouth referrals and ultimately increase the bottom line! This is all due to a change in the company culture through implementing “coaching culture” – and you and your company can benefit. The same benefits are seen in your personal life where one positive change might have a ripple effect and benefit your relationships, health and inner life.

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What about group coaching?

Group coaching is a special type of coaching where a group, such as a work-team, has a specific goal and needs someone to help them define the route to achieve their goal and the obstacles along the way. The focus in group coaching is often on clear communication and making sure everyone has a voice. Ironing out past difficulties in the group helps the group to move forward more cohesively. Group coaching is often combined with activities such as Lego Serious Play Facilitation in order to achieve a result quicker and with a bit of fun!

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Coachmind Consulting does not offer clinical or counselling psychology services. If challenges spill over into the psychiatric realm, I will refer them onto appropriate colleagues.