Why work with Coachmind?

With Coachmind you can get the action goal oriented nature of coaching combined with the scientific knowledge and insight that psychology offers, all in one.

Coachmind Consulting practices the niche “Coaching Psychology” format combining the fast past action oriented nature of coaching with the wealth of scientific knowledge and subtle nuances that is typical of psychology. By using Coachmind you get the best of both worlds: coaching and psychology.

Coachmind offers bespoke packages for your needs, combining anything from mindfulness to action charts and LEGO Serious Play facilitation to help you and your employees thrive in the workplace and beyond.

  • Coachmind consultant Elrika Erasmus holds a
  • Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelors of Psychology Degree
  • Bachelors of Arts Degree
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching Postgraduate Certificate from the University of West England (Bristol) Lego Serious Play Facilitator Certificate

She has worked more than a decade in private mental health in Central London (UK) before setting up a hybrid practice incorporating coaching with counselling, and reaching a greater market.

In 2016 Elrika received the Medical LiveWire Global Award for Practitioner of the Year in the Counselling Psychology category.

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